Welcome to the month of July! The seventh month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, which means vacations, sun and warmth. There are 31 days to enjoy and well... For some of you 31 days of waiting for the long-awaited month of August.

July is also synonymous with water lilies, those flowering aquatic plants that grow in lakes, ponds, marshes, or slow flowing streams that remain rooted in the bottom. Even though the emission of flowers is continuous from May to September, this month of July is when the water lilies shine in all their splendor.

The ancient Egyptians venerated those of the Nile, whom they used to call "lotuses", as they bloom at night and close in the morning, thus turning it into the symbol of the separation of deities.

It is impossible to talk about water lilies unless we remember, of course, the great impressionist Claude Monet. Today, these works of Villalba, cover of our blog, are also water, sky and... Water lilies.