Being punctual to our appointment this time and as we are doing month after month, we would like to introduce you to June, a favorite period for us and for many of you, because it marks the beginning of summer. In June we already savor the good weather and sometimes many are the lucky ones who also enjoy their vacations. The sun is the official symbol of this month that prints at the same time endings and beginnings, that promises dreams, that fills us with energy and that inspires us a lot, a lot of love. Love for the mountains, for the people, for the light, for the immense sea, for the Mediterranean beaches, where we are right now drafting these lines and eating with our eyes this colossal sea, where we could not avoid coming to our mind the clear image of one of the many marinas of our competent teacher Marc Esteve, to whom the Mediterranean Sea inspires his imagination, without forgetting the phrase dedicated to June by the illustrious poet Vicente Huidobro.

"You are the noise of the sea in summer".