In this hot month Artsana has not forgotten you either, so in this July we would like to dedicate this blog to the LGTBI collective, which is unfortunately so talked about lately, together with our master and artist Bartus. Artsana Fine Art rejects and condemns absolutely and totally that this collective in the 21st century and today suffers hate, violence, rejection, isolation, misunderstanding, isolation, intimidation, abuse, mistreatment, rape, humiliation, aggression, misgendering, prejudice, lack of recognition, acceptance, security ... and a host of other discriminatory behaviors that we would not describe with such an appellation.

The world of art has always been a few steps ahead of society in terms of freedom and the crossing of limits and conventions, and has therefore always been closely linked to homosexuality.

The subject has been explored by artists in their works and in their own lives, even in times when it was unknown to most and inconceivable to Church and society.