Art, has become a medium; not only to let creativity and talent flow, but also to create much more 'intimate' works. Some innovative techniques go beyond portraying an image, as they seek to portray even the deepest emotions in a work of art without the need of a paintbrush, which is what we are going to talk about in our blog this March. They are examples of this:

- Splattering and dripping: Process that involves laying the canvas on the floor and then pouring, splattering and dropping paint on it using wooden sticks, kitchen utensils and even one's own hands.

- Wearing and dragging: Process by which, using a palette knife, expressionist abstraction is achieved by removing the paint from the canvas.

- Pouring: Also called fluid painting, which consists of pouring different colors on a surface to produce unexpected patterns.

- Finger painting: A technique that is not only for children, this form of "play" can produce incredible results, using the hands instead of brushes.

- Ebru Art: (Aslo known as Paper Marbling): Technique popularly known in Turkey and Central Asia. Dyed paper paintings are created using a water-based dye solution and a set of tools.