"ARRANQUEM O QUÈ?" Shall we start up or what?

If we look up the word "arrancar" in the Catalonian dictionary, among other meanings we find the following conditions:

1. To pull up by the roots; uproot.

2. To separate something from where it is attached or subject to, or is part of.

3. To obtain or get something from someone by work or cunning.

4. To obtain something by virtue of enthusiasm, admiration or other vehement affection felt or inspired.

Of all these meanings, we are particularly interested in the third and fourth points, and... Why? Well, because that is what we have achieved in Artsana Fine Art over these two years of durability. With our enthusiasm, effort and cleverness we have succeeded in being where we are and achieving what we have achieved and all this is due to each one of you. When I say each one of you, I mean all of you who are out there following us in front of and behind the screens.

Happy holidays to all of you and... "Arranquem o què?" (Shall we start up or what?).